Sprinkler System

In smaller workplaces, portable fire extinguishers will probably be sufficient to tackle small fires. However, in more complex buildings, or where it is necessary to protect the means of escape and/or the property or contents of the building, it may be necessary to consider a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are traditionally acknowledged as an efficient means of protecting buildings against extensive damage from fire. They are also now acknowledged as an effective means of reducing the risk to life from fire. Systems are being developed which may be suitable for use in workplaces with residential areas, such as care homes and houses in multiple occupancy. Sprinkler systems need to be specifically designed and installed to the appropriate hazard category in accordance with an approved code of practice.

We offer Design & Engineering of an integrated Sprinkler System with fine protection engineering standards Network of specially sized or hydraulically designed piping installed in building, structure generally overhead with attached sprinkler in a systematic pattern proper location of alarm valve and orientation as per our best design practice makes us leader in designing this system.

We design sprinkler system as per TAC, NBC, Indian and NFPA Standards/ guideline.